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  1. When was the Central Rice Research Institute established?
    A. 1933
    B. 1944
    C. 1955
    D. 1966
  2. Which is the second-highest point in Odisha after Deomali?
    A. Singaraju
    B. Golikoda
    C. Sinkaram
    D. Yendrika
  3. Which district of Odisha has the most number of Wild Orchid species?
    A. Mayurbhanj District
    B. Sundargarh District
    C. Nabarangpur District
    D. Debagarh District
  4. When was the Nandankanan Zoological Park established?
    A. 1960
    B. 1950
    C. 1970
    D. 1990
  5.  In which district is Simlipal National Park located?
    A. Keonjhar District
    B. Bhadrak District
    C. Balasore District
    D. Mayurbhanj District
  6. When was Chandaka Elephant Sanctuary designated as an elephant reserve?
    A. 1962
    B. 1972
    C. 1982
    D. 1992
  7. In which district is Bhitarkanika National Park located?
    A. Kendrapara District
    B. Jagatsinghpur District
    C. Jajpur District
    D. Balasore District
  8. Which beach of Odisha is the world’s most important nesting beach for olive ridley sea turtles?
    A. Balaramgadi Beach
    B. Gahirmatha Beach
    C. Gopalpur Beach
    D. Puri Beach
  9. What is “Satpada” famous for?
    A. Dolphin
    B. White Tiger
    C. Wild Orchid
    D. Crocodile
  10. Where is the endangered Horseshoe Crab found in Odisha?
    A. Bhitarkanika Sanctuary
    B. Debrigarh Sanctuary
    C. Bichitrapur Sanctuary
    D. Kobark Sanctuary
  11.  When was Bhitarkanika National Park established?
    A. 1968
    B. 1978
    C. 1988
    D. 1998
  12.  When was the First Pre-Independent Assembly election held in Odisha?
    A. 3 February 1937
    B. 3 February 1939
    C. 3 February 1934
    D. 3 February 1935
  13. When was the First Assembly election after the Independence held in Odisha?
    A. 20 February 1952
    B. 20 February 1951
    C. 20 February 1950
    D. 20 February 1949
  14. In which Assembly election was Surjya Narayan Patro elected as the Speaker of Odisha legislative assembly?
    A. 2020
    B. 2019
    C. 2018
    D. 2017
  15. Who was the first leader of Opposition in the Odisha Legislative Assembly after Independence?
    A. Sadashiva Tripathy
    B. Rajendra Narayan Singh
    C. Shradhakara Supakar
    D. Gangadhra Mohapatra

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