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41. A hybrid computer is one having combined properties of
(a) Super and microcomputers
(b) Mini and microcomputers
(c) Analog and digital computers
(d) Super and minicomputers

42. General purpose computers are used for
(a) writing and editing (word processing)
(b) performs scientific calculations
(c) controlling organization’s security system
(d) All of these

43. Special purpose computers are used for
(a) navigational systems in an aircraft
(b) weather forecasting
(c) satellite launch tracking
(d) All of these

44. Which of the following computer is used in hospitals like ECG and
(a) Analog
(b) Digital
(c) Hybrid
(d) Microcomputer

45. Which of the following is the most powerful computer?
(a) Microcomputer
(b) Mainframe
(c) Supercomputer
(d) Minicomputer

46. Which of the following is known as the fastest, biggest, and most
expensive computer?
(a) Notebook
(b) Personal computer
(c) Mainframe
(d) Supercomputer

47. Which type of computer is used in a digital watch?
(a) Mainframe
(b) Embedded computer
(c) Minicomputer
(d) Microcomputer

48. Which type of computer is used in weather forecasting?
(a) Embedded computer
(b) Supercomputer
(c) Mainframe
(d) Workstation

49. Choose the odd one out.
(a) Microcomputer
(b) Minicomputer
(c) Supercomputer
(d) Digital computer

50. Which of the following is not a type of personal computer?
(a) Tower model
(b) Notebook
(c) Laptop
(d) Hand-held computer

51. Which of the following computers can be carried around easily?
(a) Laptops
(b) Supercomputers
(c) PCs
(d) Minicomputers

52. Which of the following is used as a storage device during firstgeneration computers?
(a) Magnetic drum
(b) Hard disk
(c) Floppy
(d) Both a and c

53. Properly arranged data is known as
(a) Field
(b) Words
(c) File
(d) Information

54. In which generation of computers, operating system was
(a) First
(b) Second
(c) Third
(d) Fourth

55. Which of the following was the most popular first-generation
(a) IBM 360
(b) IBM 2700
(c) IBM 1650
(d) IBM 1130

56. Which of the following computers uses the 8-bit code called EBCDIC?
(a) Microcomputer
(b) Minicomputer
(c) Supercomputer
(d) Mainframe computer

57. Computers use which number system to store data and perform calculations?
(a) Octal
(b) Decimal
(c) Binary
(d) Hexadecimal

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