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When was Bhitarkanika Mangroves declared as Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary?
a) 1952
b) 1975
c) 1962
d) 1999

How many Physiographic regions is Odisha divided?
a) 3 Regions
b) 4 Regions
c) 5 Regions
d) 6 Regions

How many Developments Blocks are in Odisha?
a) 114 Blocks
b) 214 Blocks
c) 314 Blocks
d) 414 Blocks

Which is the highest mountain peak in Odisha?
a) Deomali
b) Malayagiri
c) Mahendragiri
d) Singaraju

How many rivers are included in the Hexadeltaic Region?
a) 4 Rivers
b) 5 Rivers
c) 6 Rivers
d) 7 Rivers

In which district is the Balasore Plain located?
a) Bhadrak District
b) Bargarh District
c) Balasore District
d) Balangir District

How many major Flood Plains are in Odisha?
a) 5 Flood Plains
b) 7 Flood Plains
c) 9 Flood Plains
d) 11 Flood Plains

In which district of Odisha was the second oldest rocks on the planet found?
a) Kalahandi District
b) Kendujhar District
c) Dhenkanal District
d) Rayagada District

Which River originates outside Odisha?
a) Baitarani River
b) Brahmani River
c) Budhabalanga River
d) Salandi River

Which River originates inside Odisha?
a) Rushikulya River
b) Subarnarekha River
c) Mahanadi River
d) Ib River

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