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Which River originates inside Odisha but flows through other states?
a) Nagavali River
b) Subarnarekha River
c) Budhabalanga River
d) Rushikulya River

Which is the second largest river of Odisha?
a) Budhabalanga River
b) Brahmani River
c) Baitarani River
d) Subarnarekha River

Which is the highest waterfall of Odisha?
a) Duduma
b) Phurlijharan
c) Barehipani
d) Khandadhar

Chandikhole Spring is a tributary to which river?
a) Mahanadi
b) Brahmani
c) Indravati
d) Brahmani

Which Lake is the largest Brackish Water Lagoon in the world?
a) Sara Lake
b) Kanjia lake
c) Anshupa Lake
d) Chilika Lake

Which Dam is built across the Mahanadi River?
a) Hirakud Dam
b) Indravati Dam
c) Kolab Dam
d) Mandira Dam

When was the Central Rice Research Institute established?
a) 1933
b) 1944
c) 1955
d) 1966

Which is the second-highest point in Odisha after Deomali?
a) Singaraju
b) Golikoda
c) Sinkaram
d) Yendrika

Which district of Odisha has the most number of Wild Orchid species?
a) Mayurbhanj District
b) Sundargarh District
c) Nabarangpur District
d) Debagarh District

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