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How many Assembly Constituencies are in Odisha?
a) 117 Constituencies
b) 127 Constituencies
c) 137 Constituencies
d) 147 Constituencies

Which District of Odisha has the highest number of constituencies?
a) Ganjam District
b) Mayurbhanj District
c) Cuttack District
d) Khordha District

Which constituency of Odisha has a Vacant seat for the Odisha Legislative Assembly?
a) Rayagada
b) Bonai
c) Brahmagiri
d) Pipili

How many Lok Sabha Constituencies are in Odisha?
a) 29 Constituencies
b) 39 Constituencies
c) 49 Constituencies
d) 59 Constituencies

When was the Odisha High Court established?
a) 26 July 1942
b) 26 July 1944
c) 26 July 1948
d) 26 July 1952

Who was the acting Chief Justice of the Odisha High Court in 2020?
a) Sanju Panda
b) Vineet Saran
c) Mohammad Rafiq
d) Kalpesh Satyendra Jhaveri

Who was the first Chief justice of Orissa High Court?
a) Bira Kishore Ray
b) B. Jagannadha Das
c) Khaleel Ahmed
d) Lingaraj Panigrahi

What is the sanctioned Judge strength of Orissa High Court?
a) 19 Judges
b) 24 Judges
c) 27 Judges
d) 29 Judges

How many districts are the 3 Divisions of Odisha divided?
a) 10+10+10
b) 10+9+11
c) 9+9+12
d) 8+8+14

How many Sub-Divisions are in Odisha?
a) 58 Sub-Divisions
b) 317 Sub-Divisions
c) 314 Sub-Divisions
d) 98 Sub-Divisions

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