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URL is:
a) Uniform Resource Locator
b) Universal Region Locator
c) Uninterrupted Resource Locator
d) None of These

KVM stands for:
a) Keyboard Verstality in Mouse
b) Keyboard, Video, Mouse
c) Keyboard, Video, Music
d) None of These

SAN refers to:
a)Storage Area Network
b) Sample Annual Numbers
c) Search Access Network
d) None of These

Full form of COMPUTER is:
a) Compulsory Operated Machine Privately Used for Technology Education and Research
b) Commonly Operated Machine Particularly Used for Technology Education and Research
c) Conveniently Operated Method Particularly Used for Technology Education and Research
d) None of These

a) Common Business Oriented Language
b) Computer Basics in Other Language
c) Computer Business Oriented Language
d) None of These

Ctrl + A is for:
a) To Save
b) To Select Whole Area
c) To Bold
d) None of These

Ctrl + S is for:
a) To Italic
b) To Redo
c) To Save
d) None of These

SIM means:
a) Speed In Mobile
b) Special Identity Module
c) Subscriber Identity Module
d) None of These

CPU is:
a) Control Processing Unit
b) Computer Programming Unit
c) Central Processing Unit
d) None of These

Cable TV network is example of:
a) MAN
b) LAN
c) VAN
d) None of These

RAM stands for:
a) Read Access Memory
b) Random Access Memory
c) Rewritable Access Memory
d) None of These

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