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Which one of the following is the characteristic climate of the Tropical Savannah Region?
A. Rainfall throughout the year
B. Rainfall in winter only
C. Extremely short dry season
D. Definite dry and wet season

Where is the Isthmus of Tehuantepec located?
A. Japan
B. Italy
C. Mexico
D. Brazil

Which is the largest bay in the world in terms of shoreline?
A. Bay of Bengal
B. Bay of Biscay
C. Hudson Bay
D. Bothnian Bay

Air pressure decreases with:
A. Decrease in altitude
B. Increase in altitude
C. Decrease in density of air
D. Decrease in the temperature of air

Shale is an example of ?
A. Igneous Rock
B. Sedimentary Rock
C. Metamorphic Rock
D. None of the above

The meaning of name which of the following country in Italian means “Little Venice”?
A. Vietnam
B. Venezuela
C. Spain
D. Bahamas

Sun shines exactly over equator for how many times a year?
A. Once in a year
B. Twice in a year
C. Four times a year
D. 12 times in a year

Social Service League was established in which year?
A. 1911
B. 1913
C. 1915
D. 1925

Which are the countries which have provided official status to Tamil Language ?
A. India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia 
B. India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia
C. India, Sri Lanka, Singapore
D. India and Malaysia 

Under which market condition do firms have excess capacity ?
A. Perfect competition
B. Monopolistic competition
C. Duopoly
D. Oligopoly


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