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NAT stands for:
a) Network Address Translator
b) Network Access Translator
c) Network Acquired Translator
d) None of These

Due to the growth of the internet and the predicted depletion of available addresses, a new version of IP version 6 using _____for the address was developed in 1995:
a) 128 Bits
b) 129 Bits
c) 130 Bits
d) None of These

32 Bit system was known as Internet protocol version ____which is still in use today:
a) 4
b) 5
c) 3
d) None of These

The designers of the Internet Protocol defined an IP address as a ____number:
a) 32 Bit
b) 34 Bit
c) 31 Bit
d) None of These

Role of IP addressing is:
a) A name indicates what we seek
b) An address indicates where it is
c) A route indicates how to get there
d) All of the Above

An IP address serves which among the following principal functions:
a) Host or network interface identification
b) Location Addressing
c) Both of Above
d) None of These

An internet protocol address (IP address) is:
a) a numerical label assigned to each device (e.g. computer, printer) participating in a computer
b) It working for the communication
c) Both of Above
d) None of These

Which among the following is correct:
a) An IP address can be private – for use on Local Area Network (LAN).
b) It can be use on the internet or other wide area network (WAN).
c) IP addresses can e determined statistically (assigned to a computer by a system administrator)
or dynamically (assigned by another device on the network on demand).
d) All of the Above

IP stands for:
a) Internal Protocol
b) Internet Protocol
c) Interior Protocol
d) None of These

TCP stands for:
a) Tools Control Protocol
b) Transmission Control Protocol
c) Transfer Control Protocol
d) None of These

An IP address is a:
a) binary number that uniquely identifies computers.
b) also identifies other devices on TCP/IP network
c) Both of Above
d) None of These

NSA stands for:
a) National Security Agency
b) Norway Security Agency
c) National Security Assessment
d) None of These

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