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_____was virus first appeared on Friday, March 26, 1999 and spread all over the world faster than any virus seen before:
a) 9 Melissa
b) 10 Melissa
c) 99 Melissa
d) None of These

. _____ infections have cost more money and taken more time to repair than any other virus type:
a) File Infector Viruses
b) Multi Partite Viruses
c) Macro Viruses
d) None of These

_______viruses infect executable program files:
a) File Infector Viruses
b) Macro Viruses
c) Multi Partite Viruses
d) None of These

Which among the following is correct regarding the Boot Sector Viruses:
a) These viruses are resides in the boot sector of a floppy or hard disk.
b) Such viruses are activated every time a computer boots from an infected disk
c) Virus remains in memory until an uninfected floppy disk is inserted into the floppy drive
d) All of the Above

_____is a computer program that is loaded into a computer without the owner’s
a) Hack Material
b) Viruses
c) Both of Above
d) None of These

CVE stands for:
a) Common Vulnerabilities Exposures
b) Cyber Vulnerabilities Exposures
c) Cycolic Vulnerabilities Exposures
d) None of These

_______vulnerability is one for which at least one working attack exists:
a) Democratic
b) Exploitable
c) Dominative
d) None of These

A/an ______ is a system susceptibility or flaw:
a) Error
b) Vulnerability
c) Virus
d) None of These

______was the first technique that posed a serious threat to virus scanners:
a) Vulnerability Code
b) Polymorphic Code
c) Antimorphic Code
d) None of These

An error in computer program is called:
a) Hacking
b) Virus
c) Bug
d) None of These

For ‘open existing presentation’ you have to press:
a) Ctrl + N
b) Ctrl + O
c) Ctrl + K
d) None of These

For ‘Maximize Power Point application window’ you have to press:
a) Ctrl + Shift + F10
b) Shift + F10
c) Alt + F10
d) None of These

For ‘Maximize presentation window’ you have to press:
a) Shift + F10
b) Ctrl + F10
c) Ctrl + Shift + F10
d) None of These

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