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Which of the following definition is incorrect:
a) Document Map – Changes the view of the document
b) View – Magnifies or reduces the document contents by the specified zoom percentage
c) Office Assistant – Help Function
d) None of These

Which is correct among following:
a) Edit – Copy
b) Edit – Paste
c) Edit – Undo
d) All of the Above

Which of the following is incorrect:
a) Print Preview – Displays what the document will look like when you print it
b) Save – Saves the active document to a specified location
c) Open – Displays the open dialog box so that you can retrieve an existing document
d) None of These

Which of the following is incorrect:
a) File – Print
b) File – Open
c) File – Spelling
d) None of These

. ______bar displays information about the active document:
a) Status Bar
b) Title Bar
c) Menu Bar
d) None of These

The toolbar which contains short cuts to some of the most frequently used commands found under the FORMAT menu item is:
a) Standard Toolbar
b) Status Bar
c) Formatting Toolbar
d) None of These

______bar displays the heading for each drop down menu. Commands are grouped under each of these menu headings according to function:
a) Title Bar
b) Formatting Toolbar
c) Menu bar
d) None of These

At the bottom of the word interface is the ______:
a) Status Bar
b) Title Bar
c) Menu Bar
d) None of These

RTF stands for:
a) Rich Text Format
b) Reliable Text Format
c) Resting Text Format
d) None of These

Microsoft Word is available on _______:
a) Windows Only
b) Macintosh Operating Systems Only
c) Both of Above
d) None of These

First time after establishment, its MS – Word was known as:
a) Multi Work Word
b) Multi Tool Word
c) Multi Task Word
d) None of These

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