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In ring topology, repeater works in 3 modes: _____, _____ and ______:
a) Read, Transmit, By Pass
b) Listen ,Transmit, By Pass
c) Store, Spread, By Pass
d) None of These

_______topology can be considered as an extension to Bus Topology:
a) Ring
b) Tree
c) Hybrid
d) None of These

_________is suitable for use in star and ring topologies:
a) Twisted Pair
b) Bind Pair
c) Combined Pair
d) None of These

Coaxial cable is suitable for use in ______topology:
a) Tree
b) Bus
c) Ring
d) None of These

A combination of any two or more network topologies are known as:
a) Bi-Lateral
b) Hybrid
c) Collateral
d) None of These

Implementing the ______topology is expensive and difficult:
a) Tree
b) Mesh
c) Bus
d) None of These

A tree topology (hierarchical topology) can be viewed as a collection of _______in a hierarchy:
a) Bus Networks
b) Star Networks
c) Both of Above
d) None of These

Data is sent to all computers on the _____:
a) Addressal
b) Trunk
c) Portal
d) None of These

FDDI stands for:
a) Fired Distributed Data Interface
b) Fiber Distributed Data Interface
c) Forced Distributed Data Interface
d) None of These

A mistake in an algorithm that causes incorrect results is called:
a) Logical Error
b) Syntax Error
c) Procedural Error
d) None of These

A device for changing the connection on a connector to a different configuration is:
a) A Converter
b) An Attachment
c) An Adapter
d) None of These

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